Blame It On Steinski

San Francisco debriefing & set download

“So Steve, how was San Francisco?”

Quite wonderful, thanks to the many cool people I was able to hang out with.

Matt Haze of The Slayers Club generously gave up his master bedroom suite so I could crash in his Mission apartment – hotel rooms being at a premium due to 40,000 Oracle programmers invading town for a convention.

I was finally able to spend some time with Raymond Larrett,…

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The April Tour, or “A Wand’ring Minstrel, I” (Download link to the Moscow set)

So, I was on tour almost all of April. It was supposed to be three weeks – two of them booked by superagent┬á Linus in Switzerland, and one booked by the gents at ChoiceCuts in Dublin. And if it hadn’t been for the golly gosh darned VOLCANO, it would have been smoove as silk. Oh well. Force majeure and like that.

First night in, I played RapHistory night in Basel, with the theme of 1980. Not…

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