Why the hiatus?

Reasons for not blogging lately:

1) I got bored writing all the ranting and raving stuff about politicians in general and Republicans in particular. I was all worked up, and for what? So I could tell people that Republicans are shitheads and that I was mad about it? That politicians are pretty much all liars? That the US has an oligarchy disguised as a pretend democracy? It’s all self-evident, and I have better things to do. Enough.

I can manage to write about other stuff, I think. We’ll see.

2) I’m touring again (Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland) at the end of March 2010 into April. I’ve been revamping my set and the music in it, and that’s taking me a whole lot of time and effort, because I’m not using the same equipment now; the superfine folks at Dubspot generously arranged for me to receive a tutorial on the Akai APC40 from DJ Kiva, and then hooked me up with an APC of my own. That’s the extremely good news.

The time-intensive part of this excellent arrangement is that now I have to deconstruct all the music I want to play so I can approach it in the proper manner, and re-learn Ableton while I do it because using the APC40 (which I also have to learn), necessitates using the software very differently from the way I’ve used it in the past. Rather like learning an instrument. No time to rant and rave about politics, or anything else.

3) I’ve entered into what I feel will be a productive creative arrangement with the talented mob at Duotone Audio in Tribeca. I’ll be running through their vast archives, cutting and pasting and mixing and giggling. My man opp hooked this up, and big, big thanks to him.

That’s why I haven’t been blogging lately. In case you were wondering.

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A Death In The Family

A Death In The FamilyR.I.P. Dave
(1997 – 2009)

He was fine.

This is our last dance together,
Tonight soon will be long ago.
And in our moment of parting,
This is all I want you to know…

There will be many other nights like this,
And I’ll be standing here with someone new.
There will be other songs to sing,
Another fall…another spring…
But there will never be another you.


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The press; a few loose ends

The press; a few loose ends1) Is it really reporting if it’s just repeating?

2) Is it really reporting if you’re repeating an out-and-out lie?

3) The Pentagon is profiling reporters based on how how complimentary their writing is. That, of course, is why we fight for the Constitution. Not exactly a free press, more of… a nice press.

Ernie Pyle is turning over in his grave.

4) Is it really reporting if your brain dead “news” organization encourages violence for the cameras?

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What’s the difference between a journalist and a stenographer?

What's the difference between a journalist and a stenographer?These days, they’re the same thing.

As Steven Colbert said at the White House Press Association Dinner when he was ripping Bush and the assembled sycophantic media workers new assholes: “Your job is to copy down what you’re told to write, then go home at 6 PM and play with your kids.”

And journalists wonder why newspapers are going out of business?

In Glenn Greenwald’s review of Walter Cronkite’s excellent work as an actual journalist, he quotes Lewis Lapham, speaking about Tim Russert, mouthpiece of the rich and powerful:

“On television the voices of dissent can’t be counted upon to match the studio drapes or serve as tasteful lead-ins to the advertisements for Pantene Pro-V and the U.S. Marine Corps.

What we now know as the “news media” serve at the pleasure of the corporate sponsor, their purpose not to tell truth to the powerful but to transmit lies to the powerless.

Like Russert, who served his apprenticeship as an aide-de-camp to the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, most of the prominent figures in the Washington press corps (among them George Stephanopoulos, Bob Woodward, and Karl Rove) began their careers as bagmen in the employ of a dissembling politician or a corrupt legislature.

Regarding themselves as de facto members of government, enabling and codependent, their point of view is that of the country’s landlords, their practice equivalent to what is known among Wall Street stock-market touts as “securitizing the junk.”

When requesting explanations from secretaries of defense or congressional committee chairmen, they do so with the understanding that any explanation will do.

Explain to us, my captain, why the United States must go to war in Iraq, and we will relay the message to the American people in words of one or two syllables.

Instruct us, Mr. Chairman, in the reasons why K-Street lobbyists produce the paper that Congress passes into law, and we will show that the reasons are healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Do not be frightened by our pretending to be suspicious or scornful. Together with the television camera that sees but doesn’t think, we’re here to watch, to fall in with your whims and approve your injustices.

Give us this day our daily bread, and we will hide your vices in the rosebushes of salacious gossip and clothe your crimes in the aura of inspirational anecdote.”

And if we’re the Washington Post, we’ll publish op-ed pieces by Sarah Palin as if she had anything more than the intellect of a 12 year-old.

Greenwald’s on the money. Read about it.

P.S.: Oliver Willis has something pertinent to point out, as well.

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Things to do when the Google Street View van is in your neighborhood

Things to do when the Google Street View van is in your neighborhoodYou’ve seen the street view option in Google Maps, I’m sure; street level panoramic photos showing houses, parked cars, etc. I have no idea how these inventive people figured out that the Google Street View van was going to be driving down Sampsonia Way in Pittsburgh, but they organized a lot of people to do some interesting things that show up on Google Maps.

Just click the blue “See It” links on their page to view the results.

Thanks to BT for the connection.

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The Citizen is Gone

The Citizen is GoneR.I.P. Citizen Kafka.

He was unique, multi-talented, scholarly, inspiring, hilarious, frustrating, and puzzling. I had the priviliege of knowing him on an on-and-off basis for over 20 years.

I’ll be adding more as I have the opportunity. Meanwhile:

Plus – archives of The Secret Museum Of Mankind, Kafka featured top and tail in a story about WFMU by the NY Times, NPR regards Kafka, Kafka on MySpace, Postale Citoyen, a NY Times article on Kafka giving some of it away, and a NY Times article on “the most singular world music show on radio.”

Also: Kafka obit in the UK Independent.

Richie is undoubtedly now searching for an affordable apartment on the Lower East Side of Heaven. May it have many bedrooms, and storage in the basement.

many links glommed from moluv, with thanks.

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