Blame It On Steinski

Thirty Republican senators come out strongly in favor of… gang rape.

The objecting Republican senators are all accepting campaign contirbutions of various sizes from the US Chamber Of Commerce (or, as we like to think of them, the Flat Earth Society), and various defense contractors.

Courtesy of Change Congress.

This feed has a commercial. Ignore it.

Change Congress commissioned a poll of North Carolina voters regarding Senator Richard Burr’s vote on…

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A comment I received recently

Most likely in reaction to some of the posts about Christian soldiers, although it’s a bit hard to tell. Posted verbatim, with no editing.

“COMMENT: hey you ugly little worm,what is your contribution to mankind.we are thankful in this country to have Christians at the helm of our worry about your head being cut in my assessment are a Jew,with no common sense.if it…

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Republicans in the news

A quick scan of the headlines to see what the mob of screaming ignorant mopes is up to in the way of strategy.

1) Republican Representative from Indiana Steve Buyer had a great scam: start a scholarship foundation for students, then keep all the money.

“A nonprofit foundation associated with Rep. Steve Buyer, R-Monticello, has been quietly collecting hundreds of thousands…

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We have a great man in our midst.

Democratic Representative Alan Grayson of Florida drops science about the Republican plan to kiss the insurance industry’s ass.

I salute this cat.

I wish I could vote for…

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How to incite some republican schmuck to shoot the president

1) Have a leading conservative website advocate a military coup to “deal with the Obama problem”.

2) Have one of your elected thugs call Obama an “enemy of…

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Help protect the real victims – insurance company executives

Protect Insurance Companies PSA from Will…

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The question is not: Are all pigs Republicans? The question is: Are all Republicans pigs?

Yes on the federal level – Joe “The Distinguished Asshole From South Carolina” Wilson did it once, now he does it again:

Yes on the state level – Pro “family values” Republican State Representative brags on mic about extramarital affairs with two women, one of whom is a lobbyist with business in front of him:


Plenty of other sanctimonious Republican assholes, as…

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Joke Of The Day

What do you call someone with cancer and…

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Washington Post article on foreign health care plans, delineated by Trudy Lieberman (and reprinted here in toto from Columbia Journalism Review without permission)

Trudy Lieberman brings it like a champion, once again. How would you know about this otherwise?

(Some of the added emphasis in this post is mine; to read the unadulterated version, check the CJR site)

From CJR:

Campaign Desk – August 28, 2009 01:39 PM

Laurel to T.R. Reid

For extraordinary clarity in explaining foreign health systems

By Trudy Lieberman

As I have posted many…

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The health care thing; a few loose ends

Trudy Lieberman bringing it every time:

1) Was a public plan ever really in the cards?

2) Who will be at the table? (part XIV)

3) Who will be at the table? (the whole sad story).

4) Nicholas Kristof interviews one of the originators of the “Block Socialized Medicine” shitbomb (he feels bad about it now). Homeboy also spilled his guts to The Hill.

5) Robert Reich thinks the public…

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