Blame It On Steinski

WFMU needs a bit more of your money, please

The best radio station in the world is beset by the same recession/depression woes as the rest of us.

In order to make up the shortfall from the Spring 2009 marathon (which was only 2 weeks long), the station is having a 24-hour fundraising drive.

Please keep in mind that unlike 99.9% of listener-sponsored radio stations in the US, WFMU:

1) Actually runs completely on listener…

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Not a cloud upon the name of the lord

Debbie D of WFMU notoriety asked me to contribute some material to her Ichiban stream at She said I could even do an hour of preachers.

So I…

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A movie screening, a panel discussion, and me. Free.

On Monday, October 26, at 6:30 PM, The Paley Center in NYC (25 w. 52nd st.) will host a screening of the fine documentary by Brett Gaylor “RiP: A Remix Manifesto.”

A panel discussion by interested parties follows the screening, and I’m a late addition to the festivities. The Documentary Channel is picking up the tab, so admission is free.

The film is fairly awesome (you can view it via…

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My friend here has a request for the DJ…

Got any Egyptian music?

Or maybe some Ray Charles?

Thanks to…

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Country & Western beatboxing

I hadn’t ever heard of eefing until recently. And I was all set to do a big post about it, until I found the definitive post on WFMU’s Beware Of The Blog.

Here’s a short sample of how-to; go to the FMU post for the full…

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My friend The Breakbeatles

As I was saying…

Breakbeatles – Back To The TopSee more like this on…

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The Duke On A Foggy Morning

Like the pack rat I am, I’ve been carrying around the December 1975 copy of Esquire – the theme of the issue is Great American Things – because it contains a lovely profile of Duke Ellington written by photographer/director/author Gordon Parks, illustrated with his photos. In the mid-1950′s Parks traveled with Ellington and his band (probably for LIFE Magazine), and his reminiscences of that time…

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“Some lawyer for you on line 3, says it’s important…”

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In case you haven’t seen it

Conan. Palin. Shatner….

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Expanded liner notes for the “Beat Rock” comp I did for Vibrations Magazine (at last!)

The very first thing I’d recommend you do is immediately get hold of a book called Unsung Heroes Of Rock’N Roll, by Nick Tosches (who’s also written several other outstanding music books, among them Where Dead Voices Gather, about the extraordinary musician Emmet Miller, and Hellfire, a biblical biography of Jerry Lee Lewis).
Other excellent books about the early days/birth of rock are Making…

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