Blame It On Steinski

Thank you for your patience

To everyone who’s waited quietly for the DVD sets of the complete 2007 radio shows: they’re almost here.

Full sets – including shows 75 & 78 from the 19993/94 season – will be available soon in either 320k MP3, Apple Lossless (M4A ALAC), or FLAC.

Just working out some no-frills artwork and pricing, and then we’ll be in bidness.

Please stand…

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FLAC? AAC? Please advise…

For those of you who might be interested in a DVD set of the entire 2007 season of Rough Mix Radio shows that broadcast on WFMU, I have a question:

Even though I initially thought I’d offer these in DVD form encoded in FLAC, it occurs to me that if I were to encode them in AAC (my bad – see below), it would make it easier for most folks to play them in an iPod, iPhone, whatever. AAC, like…

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Cheap downloads: Double Dee & Steinski Live (MP3), new Steinski Rough Mix radio shows 2007 (MP3) up (Show 17 (odds & ends), Show 75 (94/95 season)

As I mentioned, I’m removing the FLAC files of Double Dee & Steinski Live from circulation for a while, and putting up (in order) my Rough Mix radio shows that WFMU broadcast in the summer of 2007. The DD&S live set will still be available as a 320k MP3 file.

If you haven’t yet availed yourself of the opportunity to hear our live set, here’s how I hyped it when we put it up in the…

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