Thank you for your patience

Thank you for your patienceTo everyone who’s waited quietly for the DVD sets of the complete 2007 radio shows: they’re almost here.

Full sets – including shows 75 & 78 from the 19993/94 season – will be available soon in either 320k MP3, Apple Lossless (M4A ALAC), or FLAC.

Just working out some no-frills artwork and pricing, and then we’ll be in bidness.

Please stand by.

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FLAC? AAC? Please advise…

FLAC? AAC? Please advise...For those of you who might be interested in a DVD set of the entire 2007 season of Rough Mix Radio shows that broadcast on WFMU, I have a question:

Even though I initially thought I’d offer these in DVD form encoded in FLAC, it occurs to me that if I were to encode them in AAC (my bad – see below), it would make it easier for most folks to play them in an iPod, iPhone, whatever. AAC, like FLAC, is lossless, and I’d be using a 320k encoding rate to ensure superfine quality.

If you’d like to weigh in on this with your preferences, we’re eager to tabulate the responses here at Steinski HQ. Send your feedback to infoATsteinskiDOTcom. THanKS.

Price is still up in the air, depending on how long it takes me to encode all the darn shows, as well as how many DVD’s get used per set, How long it takes to burn a set, and domestic/international postage. Please stand by.

Blip points out:

As probably a few thousand other nerds have pointed out, AAC is not lossless. Did you mean ALAC, which is Apple’s lossless format? I’d rather have that than FLAC.

Ooops. What do I know? I can do ALAC just as easily. Any thoughts?

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Cheap downloads: Double Dee & Steinski Live (MP3), new Steinski Rough Mix radio shows 2007 (MP3) up (Show 17 (odds & ends), Show 75 (94/95 season)

Cheap downloads: Double Dee & Steinski Live (MP3), new  Steinski Rough Mix radio shows 2007 (MP3) up (Show 17 (odds & ends),  Show 75 (94/95 season)As I mentioned, I’m removing the FLAC files of Double Dee & Steinski Live from circulation for a while, and putting up (in order) my Rough Mix radio shows that WFMU broadcast in the summer of 2007. The DD&S live set will still be available as a 320k MP3 file.

If you haven’t yet availed yourself of the opportunity to hear our live set, here’s how I hyped it when we put it up in the spring:

A full 60 minutes of our performance in NYC on Jan. 26 & 27 2008, when we opened in front of two sold-out audiences for the DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist Hard Sell Tour.

These recordings are high quality 320k MP3’s, edited down from two performances recorded digitally at our own cute little mixing board, and mastered by the redoubtable Double Dee hisself.

We played on two Mac laptops sunk up with Ableton Live software, augmented by a few little outboard MIDI doodads, nothing too fancy.

As you can see by the tracklisting below, we covered quite a bit of ground in an hour; there’s a lot of new material, there’s classic stuff (Lesson 3, y’all), and we messed around with several versions of tracks from my Nothing To Fear mix CD from a few years back.

The damages: $5.00 US for the MP3 version. We figured that was a lot less per minute than iTunes grabs from you, our quality is much higher, and we’re covering the costs of the e-commerce and the file parking, with a little left over for dinner and a movie. It’s a zipped file, by the way. The artwork is in a free zipped file (just fill in $0 in the cart), help yourself.

And we wouldn’t want you buy it without trying it, so you can grab yourself a free sample we put up right after the performance.

This week, I’m adding another two shows I did for my Rough Mix program last summer on WFMU.

Track listings for these and upcoming shows for sale are available from the archive at WFMU, where you can stream the shows in lo-fi Realplayer files for preview if you’re not immediately motivated to buy from here, you tightwad.

These are hour-long shows featuring good music and my mumbling. I’m asking $1.50/show – a bit more than I originally anticipated charging – because the e-commerce charges and PayPal fees weren’t figured in when I originally announced this. The shows will only be available here for 2 weeks at a time, because I have 17 shows to shuffle through, and one additional program I’ll add at the end from my original 3-year stint on the station back in the early 90’s. You can purchase the shows via the links below.

Now, I’d like you to remember this is my first venture into e-commerce on this site. The links to shopping carts and payment options should work flawlessly. I hope they do, and I’m sure you do, too.


If for some reason this gets buggered up, please don’t start sticking pins in a Steinski doll; send an e-mail to, and sit tight. I’ll make it right if it ain’t, and if you still aren’t satisfied, money back.

In related news, I’m delighted to see a pleasant mention of my retrospective release mentioned in the Sunday, May 11 issue of the NY Times. And a bracing (8.7) review by Nate Patrin at Pitchfork.

So without further ado, prevarication, or screwing around, here are the merch links:

Double Dee & Steinski Live at Irving Plaza NYC Jan 26 &27 2008 (320k MP3 zip) "Add

Double Dee & Steinski Live set artwork "Add

Rough Mix Radio 17 (odds & ends) 320 K MP3 "Add

Rough Mix Radio 75 (94/95 season) 320K MP3 "Add


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