Blame It On Steinski

A meditation on multitrack recording

More about the recently passed Sid…

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Musical Piracy

Ain’t nothin’ new under the sun. Ted Lewis, from 1929, does the piratical thing without a care for copyright. The Pirate Bay, indeed.

Thanks to GB from old St. Loo for the…

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Four cool clips

Trust me.

Do Electric Sheep Dream Of Stardom?:

Introducing the singing tax attorney (well, I thought she was on the money, at least about this):

Even though this was done strictly for the publicity value, it strikes me as a great idea:

Jes’ pickin’ and idlin’:

Thanks to WFMU for most of the…

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Gin: Broderick vs. Judy

The other night the wife and I decided to take a little time off from the various crises and relax on the couch with an old movie. Netflix streams “Born Yesterday”, and it’s an old favorite of ours.

Quick synopsis: Broderick Crawford plays an uncouth millionaire junk dealer (also a crook and a liar) who travels to DC to bribe a congressman to write him an earmark. Judy Holliday plays his…

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Anyone a fan of 30 rock?

See more Jack McBrayer videos at Funny or…

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Roots, Rhythm, and end credits.

I haven’t messed with our Netflix queue in a while, because I haven’t been watching too many movies; so it came as a surprise when the wife announced that the latest red envelope had some sort of music documentary called Roots Of Rhythm, with Harry Belafonte narrating. and had I ordered this? Apparently I had, about a year ago, and now that the queue had caught up with my wild afternoon of…

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Behind the curve, as usual

They say If you buy the premise, you’ll buy the joke.

I bought the premise,

Doubtless everyone in the world except me knows about this. Apparently it didn’t do well. The LeBron James joke at the end of the trailer makes me…

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