Blame It On Steinski

What if the RIAA had existed in 1915?

The “Home Cylinder Duplication Is Killing The Music Industry” refrigerator magnet.

Thanks to Kev at DJ…

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Sony v. Tenenbaum, the latest RIAA outrage.

So it’s the old story – college student sued for file sharing, imminent damage award of several million dollars, all according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a law written by the RIAA.

Here’s a general overview of the recording industry’s nuclear strike. By me (no expert), the defense’s argument seems a bit weaker than it needs to be.

Other commentators weigh in, despondently….

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The Day ASCAP threatened to sue the Girl Scouts for singing around the campfire; Barbie’s hooker origins; and other true tales of copyright.

I haven’t read the book Brand Name Bullies yet, but based on these excerpts, you know I will.

“In 1996, ASCAP decided that that since hotels, restaurants, funeral homes and resorts pay for the right to “perform” recorded music, and since many summer camps resemble resorts, why shouldn’t they pay too? Under copyright law, a public performance occurs “where a substantial number of persons…

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Indoctrinating children about “idea theft”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation alerts us that several large, well-monied organizations are placing propaganda material in schools about the evils of “copying”:

Recently, the Copyright Alliance Education Foundation unveiled its plans to disseminate a school curriculum titled “Think First, Copy Later” as well as other intimidating educational materials produced by the MPAA, RIAA,…

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Rust never sleeps, and neither do lobbyists

The MPAA is already lobbying…

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Fight Fiercely, Harvard! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Techdirt comments on a new RIAA extortion case moving through the courts, where the big guns at Harvard Law have arrayed themselves against the record industry because RIAA prosecutions are unconstitutional.

I’ll never say anything bad about Harvard. Ever.

Thanks to KG.

Imagine a statute which, in the name of deterrence, provides for a $750 fine for each mile-per-hour that a driver…

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Awesome artwork I swiped from Wired

From a Threat Level article about the Jammie Thomas…

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Copyright and politics don’t mix

Lawrence Lessig’s op-ed piece in today’s NY Times:

“Last year, Fox News ordered John McCain to stop using a clip of himself at a Fox News-moderated debate. Last month, Warner Music Group demanded YouTube remove an amateur video attacking Barack Obama that included its music, while NBC asked the Obama campaign to pull an ad that included some NBC News video with Tom Brokaw and Keith…

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First chapter from Lawrence Lessig’s new book

The book is named – depending on what you read – either Remix or In Defense Of Piracy.

Avast, mateys.

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