Blame It On Steinski

Another behind-The-Curve book review: born standing up, by Steve Martin

Peter K the comedian recommended this to me as one of the best books about comedians and comedy. It’s good, it’s good.

Martin’s autobiographical tale of his entry into standup comedy is surprisingly straightforward. He remembers the first comics he ever saw and stole work from, giving credit where it’s due; he recounts books, people, and chance remarks that influenced his career path….

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Library porn, continued

There are three sorts of information repositories that make my heart beat faster: used record stores, used book stores, and libraries.

A while back I pointed out a colossal book of photos of some of the world’s great libraries.

This is a post from a different blog of a different set of photos, although of equivalent quality, possibly by the same photographer, Candida…

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A smart person giving a good talk about a book he wrote

I’ll start this off by driving in the opposite direction, then looping back:

I was sitting in a doctor’s waiting room last week (I’ve been doing a lot of that in the last year), and like a dope, I’d forgotten to bring something to read, so I pick up what turns out to be the latest issue of New York magazine, which I only read once a year when I’m in this particular doctor’s waiting room….

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You can’t make this stuff up

I’m rarely an impulse shopper. Even though my role as househusband puts me in the check-out line at the Super Stop & Shop every other day, I manage to resist the siren call of the many magazines with the inside scoop on Britney, Tom Cruise, and Brangelina. I can easily pass on the AA batteries, tapes for the video camera, and home decorating one-offs about brightening up your dump of a crib…

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Jeff Kisseloff’s Oral History of the 60′s

Studs Terkel is in his 90′s. Let us all hoist a dry martini in his honor. While Terkel’s produced a dozen or more stunning books of oral history, it’s unlikely he’ll be doing many more. It behooves us to see where the next oral historians are coming from; allow me to direct you towards the works of Jeff Kisseloff.

So far, Kisseloff has produced 3 excellent oral histories: You Must Remember…

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The Great Black Way by R.J. Smith

If I wasn’t still somewhat disabled by the flu, I’d make this a rousing review of a great book I took out of the library when I got bored with watching the Netflix streams. I’m talking about The Great Black Way: L.A. in the 1940′s and the Lost African American Renaissance by R.J. Smith.

Since I’m still somewhat wasted, I’ll just point out a single musical high point.One of the musicians…

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