Blame It On Steinski

George Lakoff on “What Conservatives Really Want”

Dr. Lakoff lays it out in this short piece.

Excerpt from the Huffington Post:

“In conservative family life, the strict father rules. Fathers and husbands should have control over reproduction; hence, parental and spousal notification laws and opposition to abortion. In conservative religion, God is seen as the strict father, the Lord, who rewards and punishes according to individual…

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And don’t forget: less than half the people in the US believe in evolution

The results of a recent Harris poll, as mentioned in the text of a long, excellent speech by Bill Moyers, called “Facts Still Matter”:

In a Harris survey last spring, 67 percent of Republicans said Obama is a socialist; 57 percent believed him to be a Muslim; 45 percent refused to believe he was born in America; and 24 percent said he “may be the…

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Everything Is A Remix, part 2

Thanks to Mr. Dog for the tip.

And don’t sleep on part 1 of this fine…

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A few items of interest

These have been hanging around in my browser for more than a minute, time to shoo them outside to play.

1) Independent federal agency finds Bush White House routinely broke federal election laws

I’m shocked – shocked! – to find that Karl Rove and Dictator Cheney routinely broke federal laws, especially those pertaining to the Republican effort in the 2006 elections. I’m 100% sure that…

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Rough Mix Podcast 1 (walkin’ and talkin’) download and track listings

For the past year, I’ve been throwing selected audio files into a folder marked “walkin’ and talkin’,” with the idea of doing them up as a podcast for WFMU’s online stream.

I finally got it together, and it streamed a few weeks ago. It’s 3 hours of people talking over beats; not rap exactly, but around the neighborhood, with closely related Beat material, poetry, and whatever I wanted,…

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Palin speaks every thought she’s ever had

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Soul Searching (Sheriff Dupnik’s rmx)

I had to; and not a bad couple of minutes for a day and a half’s worth of work, if I say so myself.

My apologies in advance to Sheriff Dupnik. May you always speak your mind as clearly as you did on this occasion, sir.

The beat’s appropriated.

If anyone puts picture to this, I’d love to see it.

Soul Searching. (5 mg. mp3 download)

I put it up on YouTube, and so did someone…

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For a limited time only…

My producer friend F. Olding Munny writes:

“I recently finished a remix (for a European  music magazine) that was for a project that fell through. I was supposed to do a CD-length series of  remixes of T** J*** H****** E*********, using bootlegs only. Pickings were kind of slim, as most of the former boots have been reissued; I ended up with just 12 minutes of stuff I was happy with. It’s…

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Almost as good as reading the memos on Wikileaks: 126 customers rip Amazon a new one.

In a perfect example of the corporate ethic at work, Amazon kicks Wikileaks off its servers because (wow!) this stuff is controversial. But now that it’s off their servers, Amazon UK is selling them in a Kindle edition. Read the comments. You best be quick about it, they’re so awesome I doubt Amazon will leave them up.

Leaked by Kev.

And while we’re on the subject: The Guardian lists…

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Gig (somewhat out of the ordinary) in NYC – Saturday, November 11

So, Jesse calls me up and says he’s doing a presentation about Monopoly before Parker Brothers – who knew? -  at this only-there-for-a-while gallery called Showpaper on 42nd St. near the UN. It’s kind of an arcade of indy DIY videogames put together by babycastles. Jesse asks if I’d like to DJ the closing party of the current exhibit, with themed sets.

To go along with the theme of…

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