Blame It On Steinski

How much more behind the curve can I be, for goodness sake?

From last January, and I just saw it; this video is devastating. Go ahead and laugh at me, I don’t care.


And she’s in NYC at Occupy Wall Street, I…

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James Brown. Selling miso soba. In Japanese.

Props to Al Dente The Bronx Bomber, and…

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Not bad

Even though it’s a bit grandstand-y and stage-y for my taste, this ain’t too shabby, neither:

I think Grayson’s the loudest, most reasoned, and  articulate speaker of an awful lot of otherwise-unvoiced truth – my reflexive paranoia and suspicion (I’m not saying it’s reasonable, I’m just saying) about the sincerity of representation by someone with so much bread aside, of…

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You don’t suppose you’ll get real news coverage of the occupy movement from a US paper, do you?

No, for that you have to go to a UK…

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No comment

Thanks to Marsha…

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Write a letter to a white collar criminal

Follow the easy directions at Occupy The…

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A video worth watching

Perhaps it’s time to kick some corporate ass.

Tips about cell phone use for protesters from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

I don’t always (or even most of the time) agree with Chris Hedges, but let’s hear it for CH one time:

And, in a slightly different vein but with all the conviction of the truth, let’s hear it for Alan Grayson two…

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John Stewart at his finest

The Daily Show – World of Class Warfare – The Poor’s Free Ride Is OverGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on…

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Latest updates on Rupert Murdoch’s criminal enterprises

In case you’re looking for daily updates on the various law-breaking efforts by News Corp, Rupert Murdoch, and James Murdoch, save this link to The Guardian. Guaranteed fair and…

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The track we didn’t use at the TJ Miller show in June in LA

Hey All – I haven’t posted in an awfully long time because of the sudden eruption of a large, ongoing family crisis. The crisis remains rather large and ongoing, but I’m trying to regain some measure of sanity by reviving some of my “normal” activities, rather than doing nothing but dealing with constant emergencies, and hyperventilating every time the phone rings. So why not a blog…

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