A few things I found in my mess of bookmarks

Not my office, but almost...

1) On the off-chance that anyone needs a refresher on “Why Occupy Anything?”,  here’s a YouTube look at the first installment of an interesting documentary about The Corporation. Also available as a torrent, if you don’t want to sit through 23 separate installments.

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2) Just like in the first Great Depession, people are banding together to rescue empty housing from the banks.

3) Time Magazine, one of the lowest common denominators of journalism and intelligence, wakes up to the fact that it’s not the citizens or the governments running things, it’s the banks. Except in the US, of course, where we’re free to vote for anyone. Anyone the banks give campaign funds to…

4) Tea Party loonies notwithstanding, it seems to me that FDR had the right idea from the start.

5) In Missoula Montana, corporations ain’t people. One time for the folks in Missoula.

6) Ever wonder what the head of the International Monetary Fund does in his spare time? When he’s not making sure that the 3rd world isn’t acting up with any of that “democratic government” anti-corporate nonsense, of course.

7) U.S. Government demonstrates the the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution don’t apply to people who expose the asshole goings-on of the U.S. Government.

8) Paul Krugman still rocks da house on occasion. How ’bout that income inequality, y’all?

9) A representative of the Wisconsin State Police discusses the original American Winter occupation.

10) The millionth example that we have The Best Congress Money Can Buy.

11) Wonder who really runs the world? A team of Swiss mathematicians have that one figured out.

12) The same psychologist whose work served as the basis for the American torture program for Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld also did a solid for the Army; he helps propagate to our troops that God is with the big battalions, and the U.S, Army runs on faith. Oy.

13) So you logged out of Facebook? Sure about that, are you?

14) Yes, Perry’s a moron. But here’s an interesting take on the debates, featuring: The Press. And, from the same author, a work in progress on how W. Bush managed to steal his way into the White House.

15) I wonder if I ever mentioned that I lived in West Virginia for a while. Good lookin’ out to the working people, who work awfully hard.


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Not bad

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Even though it’s a bit grandstand-y and stage-y for my taste, this ain’t too shabby, neither:

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I think Grayson‘s the loudest, most reasoned, and  articulate speaker of an awful lot of otherwise-unvoiced truth – my reflexive paranoia and suspicion (I’m not saying it’s reasonable, I’m just saying) about the sincerity of representation by someone with so much bread aside, of course.

But in the end, go Alan.

Go Bernie, too.

And I imagine I’m the last person to post this, but I think this is great on a number of different levels:

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Very, very boss:

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Almost as boss (looking forward to Nov 5):

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Leave us not forget that the United States has The Best Government Money Can Buy.


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