Blame It On Steinski

Insightful film flies under the radar

You may have missed the quiet-as-a-whisper DVD release of Mike Judge’s Idiocracy. Judge is the creator of Beavis & Butthead, King Of The Hill, and the film Office Space.

It’s screamingly funny in its basic premise. I think of it every day without fail, specially when I read about standards everywhere gradually…

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The Republican thugs would have you believe that the situation in Iraq is very complicated and highly nuanced.

It’s really quite simple….

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Randy Newman’s new single

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The film clip that kept me sane during the darkest days of the Republican regime. Re-posted in new, improved high-rez format

When things in the US seemed even worse than they are now – around the time of the 2004 Republican convention in NYC, when they were preparing to steal the election for the second time, and bragging about it – my state of rage and depression reached a fever pitch. Someone sent me a link to a film clip by Matt Lenski, who at the time was a producer/director for MTV. He’d done a piece against the…

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This is news to me

Introducing, a site completely in… japanese. If you read japanese, kindly let me know what this is…

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My Mom Wrote A Book!

A moment for a little bit of family logrolling:

My mom grew up in Berlin, as the Nazis were taking over Germany and getting ready for the Holocaust. She’s written (along with three friends), a fine book called ~and Then There Were Four: Berlin Memories – 1930s And Beyond , about what it was like in the schools, on the streets, and at home while civilization crumbled.

My mom’s a good…

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The Best Government Money Can Buy

The dog’s breakfast that is electoral politics in the U.S. is, at base, a simple, market-oriented process.

1) It costs millions of dollars to run for almost any national political office.

2) Anyone running for national office – no matter how idealistic they may be when they begin – must raise a whole lot of money, unless thay have millions of their own to blow.

3) In order to raise…

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