Blame It On Steinski

Caught on Camera: 10 Police Assaults on Occupy Protesters

Read the rundown, see the videos.

“…keep in mind that the rule of thumb in use-of-force cases is that police are prohibited from applying more physical force than is necessary to accomplish a legitimate law enforcement task. When they exceed that measure, they’re committing a…

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Organizing lessons from the Arab Spring

Mehrdad Azemun, Truthout

“…the most valuable organizing nugget I carried back with me is the continual necessity for acting and thinking boldly. As an organizer here in the US, I was taught to be pragmatic and practical – go for what you can win in a specific time horizon. As an organizer, we ask leaders to dream, to name the things that hold them back from being happy, free and…

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The Old Switcheroo, Pt. 2

Once again, let’s take an excerpt from this AP story:

November 19, 2011

Egyptian riot police beat protesters and dismantled a small tent city set up to commemorate revolutionary martyrs in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Saturday.

The clashes occurred after activists camped in the central square overnight following a massive Friday rally. The military tolerates daytime demonstrations in the…

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Two great photos from the NY Daily News of yesterday’s Occupy protests

Good lookin’ out by The…

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The Police Chief Who Led The 2000 Attack On WTO Protesters In Seattle has a few thoughts to share

Worth reading what he has to say about the police reaction to OWS.
“…My support for a militaristic solution caused all hell to break loose. Rocks, bottles and newspaper racks went flying. Windows were smashed, stores were looted, fires lighted; and more gas filled the streets, with some cops clearly overreacting, escalating and prolonging the conflict. The “Battle in Seattle,” as the…

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The Old Switcheroo

This has already been done in video, but it’s still helpful to see it done in print, I think.

Here’s an excerpt from an article on the Minneapolis Examiner’s website:

Update: ‘Occupy’ crackdowns coordinated with federal law enforcement officials

Over the past ten days, more than a dozen cities have moved to evict “Occupy” protesters from city parks and other public spaces. As was the…

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It’s pronounced “Boner”

Boehner: War drawdown savings can’t go to…

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New evidence shows US/UK cooperation in “rendition” and torture of Gaddafi opponents

This is before we discovered he was a monster, of course. Which we found out, apparently, after he started losing and we couldn’t use him any…

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Giant corporations collude with UK government; force jobless people to work for free

Work for nothing or lose your unemployment. What a system! The corporations get slaves, paying nothing in salary or benefits, and the government gets to parade around being “tough on entitlements.”

I got $10 that says this policy will show up in the US within a…

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The Copy Culture Survey: Infringement and Enforcement in the US

Interesting study. Sponsored by The American Assembly, with support from a research award from Google. The content of the survey and its findings are solely the responsibility of the researchers. The U.S. survey was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International. The results are based on interviews on landline and cellular telephones conducted in English with 2,303 adults…

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