Family & Friends

  • Beats In Space Tim Sweeney – DFA DJ, WNYU radio show host, and exceptionally talented person – maintains this site for his legions of fans and admirers. Good rundown of his itinerary; he gets around.
  • Bronx Banter My friend Alex (who recently wrote a book about Curt Flood), blogs about the Yankees, and occasionally about hiphop and other topics.
  • ChoiceCuts Mark Murphy and Loughlin McSweeney promote evenings that define the hiphop and funk music scene in Dublin and vicinity, when they’re not tearing it up themselves as DJ’s.Talented gentlemen, who will undoubtedly be running Ireland in a few years.
  • Gyro Worldwide Since 1988, GYRO has developed innovative branding programs for a select group of discerning international companies.
  • Haveboard Jonathan Finnegan’s(this sites programmer) community skate-blog complete with Photo’s, Video’s, and ‘Ish talking.
  • MC Paul Barman Rapper, Producer, Artist, Poet, Inventor – the all-round talent that is MC Paul Barman.
  • Michael Feldman Michael Feldman handled the visual design for Check out his portfolio website for some of the of the other work he has done.
  • My Mom Wrote A Book! My mom’s fine book about growing up in Berlin as the Nazis were taking over Germany.
  • netbanshee Sean Jordan’s Personal Website. This guy built the XHTML and CSS for
  • Sailor Jerry Damn good Rum!
  • The Giraffe A cooperative blog for testing new features and Beta versions, by some of the guys who do my site. They are, needless to say, brilliant.

Music, Media & Art

  • Center For Digital Democracy As responsible newsgathering organizations disappear, as investigative journalism vanishes from the mainstream, and mega-corporations consolidate their hold on what you see and hear, these folks have got your back.
  • DJ Food The site (temporarily on hiatus) of my friend Strictly Kev and his mate DK. We’re trying to work out some mutual tour dates; In the UK in April, and in Canad/US in June & July. Possibly.
  • Fluxblog Everyone wants to be a critic; but everyone doesn’t write this well, and everyone doesn’t have such good taste.
  • An intelligent blog about hiphop, can you get to that? From Jay Smooth, who brings the Underground Railway show to WBAI. Much intelligent comment about hiphop, politics, music in general, and some wicked video commentary.
  • Oliver Wang and Junichi Semitsu’s perceptive, well written blog about politics and music, with strong opinions. Oliver, in his O-Dub disguise, produces awesome mix CD’s.
  • Sharpeworld America’s #1 website. By Jennifer Sharpe, writer and NPR correspondent.
  • Soul Sides Oliver Wang’s smokin’ music blog. Read, listen, appreciate.
  • The Walrus, a music blog with really BIG TEETH The Walrus is a hotshot indy music blog rife with mp3 downloads, tips, opinions, and pointers into the ether. Created in part by Michael Feldman, one of the designers of the website you’re currently in, the writers are by turns enthusiastic, snarky, sarca
  • To Here Knows When Hua Hsu (writer, academic, record collector) writes about music and other topics of interest. Some fine listening here, you betcha.
  • WFMU, the best radio station in the world A radio station and a social phenomenon, WFMU really is the best radio station in the world. The WFMU blog is a daily treasure trove. There are so many great DJ’s on this station it will make you ill. A really, truly, non-commercial station!

News & Politics

  • Buy Blue A site that traces political contributions by major retailers. Buy a Domino’s Pizza or exercise at Curves, and a portion of your dollar goes to fund organizations responsible for abortion clinic bombings and doctor murders. Buy your pants at Walmart, your
  • Center For Responsive Politics The Center For Responsive Politics. The US has the best government money can buy, and this site tells you exactly who’s paying, and what they’re getting for their money. A hard look at the biggest, most basic problem in American society.
  • Columbia Journalism Review Website of the Columbia Journalism Review, a trade paper for journalists published under the auspices of the Columbia University School Of Journalism. Not as good as the actual printed copy; the website only covers extracts. Good daily media blog.
  • Cursor Progresssive/liberal news site with a lot of information on a daily basis.
  • Daily Howler Bob Somerby, a Washington writer and stand-up comic tears into the media on a daily basis.
  • Daily Kos Wide-ranging progressive political blog, with many contributing writers.
  • FreewayBlogger “Here’s how it works: When you put a sign on the freeway people will read it until someone takes it down. Depending on its size, content and placement it can be seen by hundreds of thousands of people.”
  • I’m Just Sayin’ My friend Neil’s blog, 2/3 politics, 1/3 music and whatnot. Plus, the best blog name ever.
  • Journalist Express A comprehensive links page for most of the major media outlets. Scroll down for fact-checking sites, people finding, etc. Top left of the page has a link to the AP Wire, where most news outlets get breaking news.
  • Like Kryptonite To Stupid Oliver Willis rants and raves. I don’t always agree, but I mostly do.
  • Media Matters Media analysis from a progressive point of view. Running commentary following right-wing loonies and conservative slant in the major media. Even if you don’t agree with their analyses, you’ll come away with a much sharper sense of the POV presented in new
  • Talking Points Memo One of several political blogs by Josh Marshall, a leading progressive political blogger. Occasionally a bit too inside in it’s viewpoint, still a great, informative read.
  • The Guardian UK Excellent British progressive daily paper with a non-US perspective on US news. Eye-opening.
  • The Independent UK Progressive UK paper with good major opinion pieces
  • The Memory Hole Links to corporate/government files you weren’t meant to read
  • The Progressive Review Daily political blog of The Progressive Review
  • Who Rules America? Prof. William Domhoff’s analysis of politics, class, and money in America. I don’t agree with a lot of it, but it’s great for making you examine your own views.
  • Z Magazine Z Magazine’s site. A progressive magazine with many great writers, also contains the ZNet Blog, to which Noam Chomsky contributes.


  • AbeBooks The best used book site I know; if you don’t feel like paying $15.95US for a new paperback, you can often pick up a used hardcover of the same book here for $2.00. Also a great place for anything out-of-print.
  • Acoustic Location and Sound Mirrors Pre-radar long-range listening devices. Amazing technology, and the genesis for the title of Coldcut’s Sound Mirrors album.
  • Waiterrant A blog about being a waiter (and other things), by an anonymous waiter who’s a terrific writer.

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