Blame It On Steinski

We won. Yay. Now how do we keep Obama from selling out the social contract?


Of course I’m delighted Romney lost, and lost so decisively everywhere. And I’m beside myself with joy that most of the Republican shitheads either lost their races (Akin, etc.) or their asses (Rove).


We are now facing a throughly bogus financial crisis worked out as a “compromise” between Boner and Obama a while back. Lots and lots of ignorant media pressure is building about this faux deadline. And there’s no evidence that Obama will not sacrifice Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, ADC, and whatever else the financial establishment wants, just to say he lowered taxes a bit. He blew it on the healthcare issue when he had a better chance, a bigger majority and lots more momentum than he has now.

We’ll have to see if he has the balls to stand up on the issues. Don’t forget – Goldman Sachs was Romney’s biggest campaign contributor; they were Obama’s second-largest campaign contributor. I mean, I’m happy he won, too. But let’s not forget who gave him the bread. It wasn’t us little folks with our pissy $10 donations. He raised almost a billion dollars. By Washington standards, he doesn’t owe us a thing. And Goldman Sachs and the rest of Obama’s heavyweight 1% “supporters” are no different from Sherman Adelson or the Koch Bros – there’s only one thing they care about. They don’t support; they invest.

Several people are wary of Obama’s rush to acommodate the plutocracy.

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November 16, 2012 @ 7:03 am

“… Now how do we keep Obama from selling out the social contract?” … I’m french, so don’t take my word for it, but I’m pretty sure that it’d take a majority of Americans realizing the extent of the fraud that is ‘democracy’ (that Zappa aptly called a ‘candy-coated dictatorship’) & realizing that the never-ending wars abroad carried out & on & on by the Republicrats & Demoblicans are also wars waged against them, maybe it’d help if this little video went strato-viral :

Americans of all colors/stripes should be pissed-off by Obama’s assiduous continuation of the neo-con/neo-Imperialist agenda that was so obvious under the Bush admin … does his Nobel Peace Prize act as an invisibility cloak of some kind, allowing him the be even more extreme than Bush could ever be, without having to deal with any opposition to these wars ? … from what I observed, the anti-war movement that was very active & vocal under Bush suddenly went almost silent since Obama took office, I’m sure that’s a big part of the problem that you, Americans & by extension, humanity has to solve & I’m with you on this !
the Corporatocracy/Kleptocracy is at war with humanity at large, & the same system is upon Europe as it has been & still is upon the ‘third-world’ … the ‘third-world’ … “this is what austerity looks like !” … austerity is a code-name for third-worldification … I can’t remember who said it but I heard someone say that the ‘Cold War” was in fact the ‘Third-World War’, which I think is well observed …

& I think that Michael Hudson hits the nail on the head on how Obama sold out the social contract the last time around (3min into this interview : ) & seeing how effective the whole Red/Blue political theater still is in confusing & dividing & conquering the public, I’m afraid you guys can expect more of the same : ( but I’m sure it’d help if more people became aware of that psychological/political trick that he calls a ‘charade’ …
Zappa also said, speaking of ‘democracy’ :

“it’s as real as Dallas … as real as wrestling !” : )

& I don’t mean to spam your website Sir,
(I hope that you understand that I mean well : )
but please allow me to share this last link to a truly brilliant & quite empowering documentary that, I think, also deserves to be watched by as many Americans as possible :

(there’s a “watch online” button on the page,
& all of Metanoia’s documentaries are really worth watching too : )

Peace !

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