Blame It On Steinski v2.0? Is it possible?

After much sweat, toil, strain, and heartache (none of it by me), a tweaked and improved version of my site is finally on your screen.

Due to the hard work, talent, overwhelming generosity and colossal patience of Ian Huet, Loughlin McSweeney and Donal Thornton of ChoiceCuts in Dublin, I now have a website with comments! And all sorts of other space-age stuff, much too complicated for me to understand.

It’s a new ballgame behind the scenes here in, so if graphics appear in odd places/upside down, and my posts seem to be lost in space – I’m learning to drive a fancier vehicle, so stay off the sidewalks for a few days, and everything will be fine.

And a rousing thank you as well to Mark Murphy, also of ChoiceCuts, whose mom makes a very boss lasagna.

I’d like to thank in parting the crew at QCM who created the site initially and patiently shepherded me into the blogosphere: Michael Feldman, Sean Jordan, and the 4-wheeled Mr. Finnegan, all made possible by the generosity of Steve G.

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Contepella aka Scapegoat

January 9, 2010 @ 11:39 am

I like your blogg and I love your music. Thank you for the mp3′s, lots of interesstng stuff there. I cross my fingers for more of both in the future

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