Stein hits the road March – April

It seems like I’m going everywheres.

And where is everywheres?

First stop is San Francisco, (Mar. 25 – 27), where I’ll be speaking modestly and discreetly on the subjects of copyright, hiphop, and intellectual property preceding a screening of Kembrew Mcleod’s Copyright Criminals documentary at Mighty.

Afterwards, I’ll be DJ’ing using my all new APC-40 hardware and premiering an (almost) all new Ableton Live set. I come on after Slayer’s Club, Kid Kameleon, Ren The Vinyl Archaeologist, and goodness knows who else.

Mar. 30 – April 19 I’m cruising around Europe.

Mar. 31 – Basel, Switzerland for the 1980 raphistory party (Kasserne – Rosstall), supported by my major main man Linus and digger/DJ/dealer supreme DJ Sonic.

April 2 – Zurich, Switzerland (Stall 6) promoted by Sonic Records.

April 3 – Berne, Switzerland (Bonsoir), following SuperLinus as support.

April 7 – Dresden, Germany, for the always killing Block Rocking Beats affair (Scheune). Ms. Maria runnin’ thangs.

April 10 – Moscow, Russia (Cult Club), organized by Anatoly K.

April 11 – 17 I’ll be playing assorted dates in Ireland; Dublin, Galway, perhaps Cork. Keep an eye on the ChoiceCuts website for more definite info as the dates near.

After I get back to the States and renew acquaintance with my wife and Sam the cat, I’ll be part of a conference (April 23 – 24) at Princeton University on Intellectual Property and the Making and Marketing of Music in the Digital Age (and me a 2-time college dropout).

I’m speaking on a panel titled:  Walking on the Other Side of the Law: Sampling, Intellectual Property, and Commerce. I’m on the panel with several other people, and we all speak for 15 minutes or so before the fights break out. It’s open to the public, so come on down (and there’s always the Princeton Record Exchange, hey).

There will be some genuinely estimable people speaking in other parts of the conference: Kembrew Mcleod, Siva Vaidyanathan (I think), Mark Hosler (Negativland), and Anthony Falzone, among several others. I’m really looking forward to it.

After that, I go home and stress about not having enough work.

5 thoughts on “Stein hits the road March – April

  1. Saw you last year in Galway.
    (I lost my hearing for 3 days!!). Man what a great night.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the APC. I got one too :-)

    Hmmm Dublin, Cork, Galway. Well, my brother has a spare room in Dublin and I haven’t been to Cork in years…..

  2. Cant wait to see you back in Galway. You’re the Bees Knees, we missed you bad!
    peace brother

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