Mitt Romney vs. The Truth (fair & balanced hiphop remix)

Mouth open, waiting for foot. He's flanked by his fellow Republicans denying rape, women's rights, global warming, Medicare, and Social Security. Just out of the photo is his babbling wife, Marie Antoinette.

A piece I did to let off some steam. It’s up on reddit in politics, too, if you feel like giving it a boost.

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7 thoughts on “Mitt Romney vs. The Truth (fair & balanced hiphop remix)

  1. Cheers Steve. I hope in 12 months we’re all trying to remember who was the dork who ran against Obama. Keeping everything crossed for you on this side of the pond. x

  2. ? Do you think your track had some impact on the election outcome :)
    … Specially with all the Latino B-boys & girls!!!

    Keep up the good work (In Steinski We Trust)

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