I’m talking about people talking. Two new Rough Mix shows up on WFMU.org


Folks –
I’ve emerged from hibernation to post 2 shows on WFMU.org. They’re streaming online, they’re NSFW, and they emphasize my favorite non-instrumental portion of the musical spectrum: the talking part.

Show #1 (3 hrs.) showcases monologue artists ranging from Ruth Draper and Lord Buckley to Ana Deavere Smith and Danny Hoch. The listenable playlist at WFMU.org is here: https://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/56137.
If you want, you can download the show (.zip) in easy-to-listen-to tracks here: http://is.gd/j85A6e

The second show’s title is “Walkin’ and Talkin'”; all the tracks are spoken word over music (3 hrs.). Speakers range from The Last Poets, Jack Kerouac and Jean Shepherd to William Burroughs, Jean Grae, and Saul Williams. The show ran once a few years ago and got buried because I never added any information about it. A listenable playlist has been coaxed into existence on WFMU.org here: https://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/38808.
Download (.zip) here: http://is.gd/4dMHJ6 A while back, I had a playlist on this blog for this show. I think most of the links, videos, and such still work. I will update the dead bits when I’m fully back in the swing of this.

Thanks very much. And major props to Mr. Finn for renewing this blog.

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