Henry Rollins tours for the USO. Interview with Mother Jones

Henry Rollins tours for the USO. Interview with Mother JonesI’m probably late to the party on this, but has everyone read the interview with Henry Rollins in Mother Jones?

Henry supports our troops, not the war, He tours for the USO:

Mother Jones: The first thing I wanted to ask you about was your USO tours. Can you tell me about how and why you got involved doing those tours?

Henry Rollins: I do it because that’s my way of protesting the war, and it’s my custodial duty to go behind this president that started this needless war that’s hemoraging everything from needless lives to money and everything else. And the fact that the soldiers don’t dictate policy; they just go and do what they are told, leads me to believe I don’t really have a beef with the troops, I have a beef with the people who sent them into where they are deployed. So I go and I meet these people without any hesitation and I quite like them.

MJ: And can you tell me what your interactions with the troops are like?

HR: You meet them in hospitals, you meet them on the ground, in the mess hall, sometimes there’s a meet and greet situation set up where you shake hands, tell stories, whatever. Sometimes you’re just at dinner, kind of holding court. It’s called a handshake tour, what I do. Sometimes they ask you to go up and speak for 20 or 30 minutes. I do all of that.

This is a fascinating interview, in spite of the fact that whoever transcribed the interview for Mother Jones doesn’t speak English particularly well (“metal” instead of “mettle,” “through” rather than “threw,” etc.). Rollins is admirable for the fact that he doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk – all the way to where the bullets and shrapnel are flying.

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