Freddy Fresh suggested…

Freddy appears every few years, like Halley’s Comet. He showed up in my inbox yesterday lamenting that Nothing To Fear was nowhere to be found on the web. He’s posted some incredibly nice things about it in the comments on discogs; I hereby acknowledge Freddy’s request and post the link. I hope everyone else likes it half as much as Freddy does.

3 thoughts on “Freddy Fresh suggested…

  1. Hey, you’re back from the dead :)
    Welcome back seƱor Steinski.
    Oh, that Freddo Fresco…such a nice guy too, his comments are bang on thou.
    I heard your last 2 shows on WFMU via Dj Food’s site…thank you, and keep them coming man…I just knew we haven’t heard the last of Steinski yet!
    I hope you are refreshed and revitalized and have some new tricks up your sleeve to share with the world. Any good record finds lately?
    Adios for now Steve; um…by the way I posted this entry on Discogs
    but I couldn’t find a year listed, or any other information on the net; could you help me please so that we can properly archive it?
    Thank you in advance eh! (Alex)

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