Coming soon: Funky mixes of music and comedy from TJ Miller’s Comedy Central “Mashup” show

TJ Miller (above) generously reached out to me at the end of my recent, seemingly endless surgical rehab and suggested we collab on a series of audio pieces extracted from his latest show on Comedy Central, Mashup.

It’s absolutely, positively the best project I’ve worked on in a very long while. We’re putting¬† comedy pieces to music, augmented with sound effects and strange production techniques. Very boss.

So far, I’ve worked with material by Nick Vatterot, Sean Flannery, Erin Foley, Chris D’Elia, and Bryan Callen. And that’s only in the first two weeks of feverish production, interrupted briefly by Hurrican Sandy (power out) and a huge nor’easter (lots of snow, wtf?). Barring any further natural disasters, more insightful hilarity will follow, featuring talents like Pete Holmes and Hannibal Buress, among several others.

And all of these brilliant works, I’m happy to say, will be available for free download exclusively¬† on Beginning very soon. Maybe tomorrow. Go figure.

And to capitalize on the UNDOUBTEDLY MASSIVE FLOW OF TRAFFIC that will certainly follow the postings of these, I hope to be able to offer an attractive t-shirt for young and old, so wax up your PayPal account. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Coming soon: Funky mixes of music and comedy from TJ Miller’s Comedy Central “Mashup” show

  1. that sounds great, congratulations ! :D
    I’ll be looking forward to it : )

    Peace !

    ps: (you got mail at info AT, Sir ! )

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