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New streaming show premiers Fri., Oct. 10, with live Q & A by me

Hello, all. Putting the periscope up once again to launch the next streaming show: Accidents, Mistakes & Emergencies will premier on the Give The Drummer Some stream on WFMU. Time will be Friday, Oct. 10, at 3 PM EST. The link is here, After the premier and the live Q & A with me, the show will be available for download here, as well as with an annotated playlist on the GTDS stream and…

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Freddy Fresh suggested…

Freddy appears every few years, like Halley’s Comet. He showed up in my inbox yesterday lamenting that Nothing To Fear was nowhere to be found on the web. He’s posted some incredibly nice things about it in the comments on discogs; I hereby acknowledge Freddy’s request and post the link. I hope everyone else likes it half as much as Freddy…

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The final two remix pieces for the Mashup show

At last, the stars have aligned, everyone’s schedules have meshed, notes were passed, changes made, tweaks tweaked.

Pete Holmes! And…
Reggie Watts!
And as the sun pulls away from the shore, and our boat sinks slowly in the west, I’d like to thank all the comedians involved for their forbearance with my meddling, and ultra extra super thanks to TJ (and the Comedy Channel) for…

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The rest of the “Mashup” mashups (almost; two still waiting)

I believe these benefitted somewhat from my having done several other mixes by the time I got to them, not to mention TJ’s on-the-money notes. Still waiting on Pete Holmes and Reggie Watts, which will be forthcoming (one trusts) momentarily.

Jared Logan from show 102

CJ Sullivan from show 108

Mary Lynn Rajskub from show 103

Hannibal Buress from show 102

Chris Hardwick from…

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Looking for one particular comic’s “Mashup” mashup?

We got your individual comedians individually right here, mashed up musically and individually by mois. More added as I finish them (please be patient. I’m one of those fine craftsmen, ya dig?).

Bryan Callen from show 104

Sean Flannery from show 104

Chris D’Elia from show 105

Erin Foley from show 105

Jon Dore from show 106

Nick Vatterott from show 106

Tom Segura from show…

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“Mashup” remixes (or “Mashup” mashups, if you prefer)

As promised below, here is a .zip file (24 meg) containing the illuminated texts (mixed by a single monk working in an East Coast basement by candlelight) of portions of  Comedy Central’s  “Mashup”, featuring Brian Callen, Sean Flannery, Chris D’elia, Erin Foley, Nick Vatterott, and Jon Dore.


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Republican = moron; Ohio Republican = misogynistic moron

Despite a historic defeat in the national election, Ohio Republicans are continuing their war on women by defunding Planned Parenthood. If there are women who would admit to giving birth to assholes like this, they must be terribly, terribly…

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Isaiah Sheffer, R.I.P.

After I moved back into Manhattan proper from Brooklyn (circa ’86 or so), one of my regular  treats was attending the Selected Shorts series at Symphony Space. I liked it so much I even bought season tickets for several years. The only other venues I attended with such regularity were the hiphop clubs downtown, and this was a very different experience. No frisk at the door, for starters. The…

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Coming soon: Funky mixes of music and comedy from TJ Miller’s Comedy Central “Mashup” show

TJ Miller (above) generously reached out to me at the end of my recent, seemingly endless surgical rehab and suggested we collab on a series of audio pieces extracted from his latest show on Comedy Central, Mashup.

It’s absolutely, positively the best project I’ve worked on in a very long while. We’re putting  comedy pieces to music, augmented with sound effects and strange production…

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We won. Yay. Now how do we keep Obama from selling out the social contract?


Of course I’m delighted Romney lost, and lost so decisively everywhere. And I’m beside myself with joy that most of the Republican shitheads either lost their races (Akin, etc.) or their asses (Rove).


We are now facing a throughly bogus financial crisis worked out as a “compromise” between Boner and Obama a while back. Lots and lots of ignorant media pressure is…

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